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Plastic And Metal Parts RP Prototype

Rapid Prototyping: SLA, SLS prototyping

CNC machining prototype: Plastic, Brass, Aluminum

Silicone mold, Injection mold, Vacuum casting

Product Details




Steel, magnets, fuel, abrasive


Smelting rare metals, manufacturing aircraft, rockets, automotive

structural materials,ultra high voltage cables, daily utensils,

mechanical processing, electronic accessories, shipbuilding


Steel bridges, steel buildings, steel gates, large pipe containers

tall buildings, tower rail agencies, and construction installation


Electrical, electronics, motors, transformers, wire and cable

sliding bearing, mold, heat exchangers, pumps ,vacuum

valves, fittings,instrument,distillation pot,pot Brewing

shells, gun,pipeline, decorative devices,pot Brewing


Heat exchanger, condenser, low temperature pipeline

sea transportation pipe, sheet, strip, rods, tubes,

casting parts, and the serpentine tube, cartridge

aluminum alloy

Doors, windows, tubes, covers, shells

decorations, insulation, sheets, profiles, parts,

brass alloy

Generator, bus, cable, switchgear, transformer

heat exchanger, pipeline, plate collector

Our Serivce--------------------------------------------

 ●3D printing (Stereolithography(SLA))

 ●Motor vehicles prototype (Computer Numerical Control)

 ●Plastic prototype (Quick Sheet Metal)

 ●Hardware prototype (Die Casting)

 ●Small batch membrane prototype(Quick Plastic injection)

---Customize all kinds of model-Service---

 ●Rapid Prototyping: SLA, SLS prototyping

 ●CNC machining prototype: Plastic, Brass, Aluminum

 ●Silicone mold, Injection mold, Vacuum casting

 ●Industrial design

---Customize all kinds of model-field of application---

 ●Hardware Prototype: Faucet, head shower, bath equipment, Sanitary ware

 ●3D Printing: Jewelry, Shoes, Architect

 ●Electric and electronic class prototype: car model, motorcycle model, Massger

 ●Motor vehicles: Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts, Instrument bard.

 ●Small Batch membrane: LED, Plastic, Tablet ps android

 ●Other Products prototype: exhibition samples, testing samples.

---Payment terms---

 ●50% deposit before arranging production, the balance should be paid before delivery.

---Lead time---

 ●3-5 days after confirming the dealing.

With decades experience and professional rapid prototype factory, INDUSTRIAL MAN is one of the most reliable and best manufacturers and suppliers of high quality plastic and metal parts rp prototype products in China. And it is sold at a cheap price.

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