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Characteristics of rapid prototype manufacturing technology

(1) the most outstanding characteristic of highly flexible rapid prototyping technology is flexible, it canceled special tools, management and control by the computer can make arbitrarily complex shaped parts, it can be reprogrammed, restructuring, continuously changing patterns of production equipment using information into a manufacturing system.

(2) highly integrated rapid prototyping of computer technology, the technology of numerical control technology. Integration of laser technology and materials technology. Conceptually, it is guided by the accumulation of discrete/, based on the control computer and NC, with greatest pleasure as a goal. Only in today's computer technology, digital technology development, rapid prototyping can be entered the practical stage.

(3) design integration is another notable feature of the rapid prototyping technology CAD/CAM. In traditional CAD/CAM technology, due to the limitations of, leading design and manufacturing integration difficult to achieve. For rapid prototyping, and, as a result of accumulation of discrete/layered manufacturing process, can be very well combined CAD/CAM.