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Rapid Prototyping Of SLA Theory

"Stereo Lithography Appearance" abbreviation, namely stereo light curing method.

With laser focus to a particular wavelength and intensity of light-curing materials, which from the point to the line, Directional solidification by the line to the surface, drawing performance: to complete a level, and then lift the height of a layer in the vertical direction, then cured another level. such layers form a three dimensional entity.

SLA is the first practical use of rapid prototyping technology, used liquid photosensitive resin raw materials, process as shown in the figure. Its process process is, first through CAD design out three dimensional entity model, using discrete program will model for slice processing, design scan path, produced of data will precise control laser scan device and lifting Taiwan of movement; laser beam through NC device control of scan device, by design of scan path irradiation to liquid photosensitive resin surface, makes surface specific regional within of a layer resin curing Hou, dang a layer processing finished Hou, on generated parts of a section; then lifting Taiwan declined must distance, Solidification layer covering a layer of liquid resin, then, as a second layer, second curing floor securely bonded to the front on a frozen layer, layer upon layer, into a prototype of the workpiece. Prototype after removal from the resin, for final curing, polishing, plating, painting or coloring treatment, which are requirements of the product.