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SLS Technology For Metal Powder Sintering Method

sintered mixed metal powder and Binder

First metal powder and a binder according to a certain proportion of mixed and selective scanning of mixed powders with laser beam, laser can make mix adhesive melting powder and metal powder bonding together to form metal parts of the body. Then after appropriate processing metal body, such as the second sintering and to further improve the metal parts of the strength and other physical and mechanical properties. This technique, the more mature, have been able to produce metal parts, and use them in practice. Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University metal powder is used as the base material (iron), add the right amount of dry anticaking agents, sintering are prototypes, and then for subsequent processing, including burn adhesives, baking, metal infiltration (such as copper) processes ultimately manufacturing EDM electrode (see Figure 2). This electrode in EDM machining on three dimensional mold cavity.