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Vacuum Casting Equipment Packing Seal

  1 Vacuum casting equipment packing seal

  Vacuum casting equipment, packing seal, is the most common kind of seal, is injected into the shaft through the form of water, constantly filling a certain pressure inside the filler water, a vacuum casting equipment to prevent the pump body leakage; for not suitable for use Impeller shaft seal multi-stage series pump, using packing shaft seal. Packing shaft seal structure is simple, easy maintenance, cheap.

  2 Vacuum casting equipment for impeller seal

  Vacuum casting equipment of the impeller seal, is through a reverse centrifugal force of the impeller to prevent the slurry leakage. In the vacuum casting equipment imported positive pressure value is not greater than the pump outlet pressure value of 10% when the single-stage pump or multi-stage series pump pump can be used to pay the first wheel seal, the impeller shaft seal without shaft seal water, not Dilute the slurry, the sealing effect is good and so on. Therefore, in the case where dilution is not allowed in the slurry, such a seal may be considered.

  3 Mechanical seal of vacuum casting equipment

  Vacuum casting equipment, mechanical seals, the general requirements of the seal is relatively high use. Especially in the field of chemical, food, not only require a seal, but most not to allow the addition of additional ingredients into the pump body.