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Vacuum Casting Is The Process Of Using A Ventilated Mold

  Vacuum casting is the process of using a ventilated mold. The molten metal flows into the mold by air pressure and then removes the air to form a vacuum. This casting method is mainly used for small parts or jewelry with delicate details.

  Vacuum modeling is a physical modeling method, which combines the vacuum technology with the sand casting, the plastic mold will sand mold cavity surface and the back surface sealed, with the vacuum pump pumping negative pressure, resulting in sand mold inside and outside Pressure to mold sand tightening molding, the installation of sand heart, mold, casting, waiting for casting solidification, the lifting of negative pressure or stop pumping, mold sand will then collapsed and get cast. According to the current application of the field can be divided into vacuum seal modeling (V method) and real vacuum casting (FV method). Its advantages are:

  (1) moderate degree of vacuum, mold cavity compactness, casting quality is also high.

  (2) Vacuum casting with the mold simulation analysis of the computer can predict the production of casting defects, the design of the mold design, can significantly save time and improve production efficiency